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Julian Ii
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I thought I was here for a solo! Julian says, as he walks into the bathroom, where Niko is buck naked, showering up and Kaden is already filming. Oh, no, Im sorry, Kaden says, half-joking, Niko requested you. And what Niko wants, Niko gets, evidently, as were off and running in this very hot scene! Niko takes Julian by the hands, guiding him to his naked body. Niko is so super hot -- his body is just insanely well-built. And lord, does it look mighty find while glistening from soapy water. Niko leans in and pulls Julians shirt off, and then dives in for a kiss or two, or three, or four . . . Before you know it, Niko is slipping his hands into the waistband of Julians sweatpants, and is pushing them down, revealing that oh-so-juicy ass of Nikos. Dang, this scene is like a battle of the bodacious asses! What was that about a solo! Niko leads Julian into the shower, and under the shower head, as the guys start soaping one another up. Niko makes sure to stroke and lather every inch of Juli

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