His Daughters Boyfriend 2, Scene 04

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Adam Russo
Osiris Blade
Anal Daddy Hardcore Pornstar

Osiris Blade and Adam Russo meet in the hall as Osiris exits the bathroom, water droplets from the shower glistening on his chiseled ebony frame. Adam cant help but stare, but he cant give in to the temptation of his daughters boyfriend. Chatting briefly about changing, he exits awkwardly. Sexual tension is palpable as Adam asks Osiris why he invited him up to the cottage. Expecting the conventional reason hes surprised when, placing his hand on his girlfriends fathers shoulder, Osiris leans in to kiss him. Showing him the selfish reason, but leaving Adam conflicted. Unsure of how hes feeling, Adam needs to go. His daughter, Osiris girlfriend who was watching from outside, slams the front door and leaves too in angry disbelief. After a time Osiris goes to Adams house. Osiris knows what he feels and wants. Taking charge, he kisses Adam. Pressing himself to the older man, they strip each other down. Adam kisses Osiris dark nipples before exposing his hardening cut black dick by pulling d

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