Ladies & gentlemen, another ye

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Ladies & gentlemen, another year has passed & here we are at ClubAmateurUSA's 13th anniversary. 'Tis hard to believe that on this day 13 years ago, Jeff, Valerie, & I launched this site, and my oh my, how times have changed. It used to be, way back then, that I had to take into consideration how often I propped African American men to CAUSA. Too many too frequently, and we would see sales dip. Thankfully, thirteen years later, that is definitely no longer the case. Today, the ClubAmateurUSA membership is strongly & vocally supportive of the diversity that I've chosen to present in order to represent the diverse world in which we live. As I used to proclaim, " Red & yellow, black & white, they are all hot on my site. " Of course, the PC Police pro'ly wanna lock me up for such a language infraction. To the very core of my being & to the very depth of my soul, I believe that all men (and women) are created equal & are equally beautiful regardless of race, religion, or sexuality. Were I to

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