Brutally Fucked, Drenched In Piss Covered In Cum

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Alexander Gustavo
Cameron Kincade
Christian Wilde
Anal BDSM Bondage Gangbang Hardcore Humiliation Pornstar Public Punishment Reality

The BIP gang has infiltrated BondCon 2014 and now theyve taken straight stud Cameron Kincade off to a filthy bathroom. The guys line up their asses as Cameron crawls to each one on his hands and knees, with a tight ass hook pulling on his hole. The horny crowd pisses all over Camerons face as cock after cock gets rammed up Camerons ass. The straight stud is then suspended on the urinals, with a zipper of clothespins pinching down his chest. They milk all the cum out of Camerons cock right as the zipper is ripped from his flesh. Suspended in the middle of the room, the guys fuck Camerons ass even more while shoving a dirty plunger onto the boys face. Hes then brought down to the ground so the gang can dump their loads on his face before they finish him off with extreme tickle torment.

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