New Boy Tom Bentley Fucked By Leather Doctor Trenton Ducati

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Tom Bentley
Trenton Ducati
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Tom Bentley awakes to find himself chained down to a metal table in a bizarre operating room. His calls for help summon mad leather doctor Trenton Ducati, masked and wearing a leather apron. Dr. Ducati has plans for his newest specimen. He cant wait to see how much pain and pleasure young boys like Tom can take. The doctor starts by ripping off Toms clothes, and opening Toms mouth for inspection with his leather gloves. He smacks Toms chest before clamping Toms nipples and belly with metal forceps. He stretches Toms balls and smacks Toms cock around. He opens Toms mouth and makes Tom suck his hard fat cock. Next, he chains Tom to the ceiling and blindfolds him. Tom yelps as Dr. Ducatis leather flogger hits his perky round ass and back. On his knees and unable to move, Tom takes every stroke, yelling in pain as the doctor begins flogging his chest and cock. Pleased with Toms endurance, Dr. Ducati takes him down, binding his arms behind him with leather restraints. Tom is stuck with his ass in the air, exposed to the doctors plans. Dr. Ducati brings out the violet wand and zaps the sensitive skin around Toms asshole. Tom flinches away from the electricity, but there is no

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