Depths Of Focus, Scene 01

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Alexander Volkov
Austin Wolf
Gabriel Cross
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Its quiet on the Hot House set as Austin Wolf preps his photography gear. Production assistant Gabriel Cross introduces todays subject: Alexander Volkov. Todays going to be a closed set. You guys can go, announces Austin to the other crew. After loosening Alexanders tie, Austin steps behind the camera and starts shooting. After a few poses, Austin instructs Gabriel to remove Alexanders shirt. As Gabriel opens Alexanders shirt to reveal his smooth, muscular torso, their eyes meet and they share a smile. Alexanders next look is an edgy black bodysuit, and after that Alexander steps into a tight, white jockstrap. They wrap the shoot, and Alexander turns around to show off the huge bulge in his jockstrap. Did you enjoy that! asks Austin. Alexander affirms, and Austin and Gabriel both move in to make out with the ripped hunk standing before them. Unbuttoning his fly, Austin shoves down his jeans and puts his cock in Alexanders mouth. Gabriel bends down to suck Alexanders hard meat, then stands up and makes out with Austin while Alexander alternates between sucking their cocks. Gabriel proves he has a perfect mouth for cocksucking too, trading places with Alexander and usin

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