Rude Businessmans Airport Bathroom Nightmare

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Jessie Colter
Rikk York
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Rikk York is some hotshot prick with a million-dollar deal on the line, so hes gotta make the next flight. Boarding started fifteen minutes ago he doesnt care about some dumb janitor saying the bathrooms closed. Big mistake. Jessie Colter, the janitor on duty, busts through the stall and chains the smug jackass to the urinals. Jessie gets a taste of Rikks huge cock before returning the favor, stuffing Rikks face full of dick. Jessie commands Rikk to crawl through mousetraps and present his ass. Rikks asshole gets filled with an electric buttplug, sending painful shocks through his whole body. Jessie hogties Rikks body over a sawhorse and fits clothespins between each of Rikks toes before plowing his ass with a fucksaw. With Rikks hole readied by the fucksaw, Jessie goes deep and hard into Rikk. Jessie covers Rikks ass in hot cum and smears the load onto his face. Rikk gets edged multiple times before Jessie milks a load from the stud and punishes his senstive cock. As he struggles against his ropes, Jessie leaves Rikk for security to handle.

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