Dont Just Watch

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Jason Richards
Nathan Styles
Anal Bareback Hardcore Jocks Pornstar

Hiker Nathan Styles didnt set out to spy on anyone, merely to take in some of the natural beauty around him, but when he stumbles upon Jason Richards laying naked on his pool deck, its easily the most capitvating site on his walk, so he crouches down and watches from a distance as Jason fondles himself in the afternoon light. Boldy, Nathan makes his way closer, but when he steps on a branch and startles him, Jason makes his location and charges over to him angrily. Still naked, he wrestles Nathan indoors and asks him if this is what he wanted, shoving his cock in Nathans mouth. To Nathans delight, this is what he wanted! In fact, the only thing he wants more than to have Jasons python gagging his throat is to feel it deep inside him. Luckily, Jason is all to willing to oblige Nathan, bending him over and roughly fucking him from behind, just how Nathan likes it. Jason has his way with the pervy spy, fucking his hole raw in every position, before Nathan can hold it in no longer. He sprays his load as Jason jizzes all over him, coating him in cum, before telling him to get the fuck off of his property. Enjoy!

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