Five Star Service Driver Gets Taken Down, Pumped, And Primed

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Vander Pulaski
BDSM Bondage Fetish Jerk Off Masturbation Pornstar

When Vander Pulaski picks up Sebastian Keys and Tony Orlando, he has no idea this ride-share may be his last. As he helps the odd pair with their bags, they jump him and drag him to their warehouse. Vander is stripped to his white boxer briefs, blindfolded, and tied down. He struggles in bondage, but despite his toned muscles, cant escape from the wandering hands of Tony Orlando. Vander tells Tony to get away, but Tony only laughs and squeezes the hard length of Vanders cock through his briefs. They cut Vanders briefs off him, revealing his a flushed hard cock. Tony cant wait to taste every inch of this fresh meat. He licks Vanders balls and runs his tongue along Vanders shaft, teasing the sensitive head with his tongue and a fuck sleeve. Vander doesnt know what is happening but all the sensations are starting to feel good. He begins to thrust his hips forward, seeking release. But Sebastian and Tony just pull away laughing every time he gets close. Next, they put Vander in bondage on a table with a ball stretcher pulley rigged to his body. Vander moans around his bit gag as Tony continues to tease his cock. His moans increase as they tease the head with a vibrating sleeve.

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