The House Always Wins Casino Thief Gets Caught And Fucked Wi

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Jeremy Spreadums
BDSM Bondage Fetish Jerk Off Masturbation Pornstar

Jeremy Spreadums has hit the jackpot big time! Hes lifted a bunch of casino chips and has a couple hours to kill before skipping town. Thinking hes made a clean getaway, he decides to take a nap. Little does he know, casino muscle Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico are hot on his trail. They catch him sleeping, string him up, and cut his clothes off. Jeremy struggles to get away from his captors but they overpower him. He promises hell never steal again, but Sebastian and Dominic arent satisfied. They decide to teach Jeremy a lesson -- fuck with the house and get fucked! Jeremy cries out as they squeeze his sensitive nipples and smack his cock. He cant shield himself from their blows and soon his cock starts to get hard. Laughing at the pervert theyve caught, Sebastian ties up Jeremys balls and Dominic deep throats his cock. Jeremy cant believe this is happening. His cock is leaking and hes so close to cumming he could burst. Every tug on his balls makes him harder and harder. And feeling Dominics talented mouth on his cock and his wet tongue on his balls is driving him wild! But his captors arent done with him yet. They blindfold him and stuff him from both ends. Domin

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