Bad Little Fucker

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Chance Summerlin
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Chance Summerlin stands completely naked, arms outstretched, tied to the wall with rope. With his balls and hard dick wrapped in rope bondage, he waits blindfolded for his Master, Sharok. Sharok enters the scene, muscles bulging through an all red latex bodysuit. He spits in Chances mouth and slaps his chest with his bare hands. He crops Chances ass hard and Chance screams, begging for more. Sharok turns him around and crops Chances balls repeatedly. After that, Sharok sets Chances dick free from the ropes and tells him he has ten seconds to get his dick hard and hell get a reward. Chance quickly gets his dick hard before the ten seconds is up and Sharok makes good on his deal and sucks Chances cock. While hes down there, he places multiple clothespins around Chances nutsack and continues blowing his cock. Sharok ties Chances hands behind his back, bends him over, and takes his blindfold off. He puts a spider-gag between his teeth. He grabs Chances head and pulls it down to his hard dick and fucks his gaping drooling mouth. Sharok takes the spider-gag out of his mouth to better hear Chance scream as he gets hit with the flogger. Sharok wales on Chances ass, repeatedly flo

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