Colby Jansen Manhandles Mason Lear

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Colby Jansen
Mason Lear
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

In a skimpy black singlet, Mason Lear struggles in rope bondage. He stands on top of a wooden platform, arms bound behind his back to a large suspended wooden plank, ready for his Master. Colby Jansen creeps in. Holding a leather crop. He runs his hands up and down Masons body and spits in his mouth. Colby grabs Masons balls through the singlet and pulls them hard and crops them repeatedly. Colby crops his legs and ass and makes Mason scream so Colby puts a ball-gag in his mouth to shut him up. He puts clothespins on Masons nipples and more clothespins up and down Masons body. He hits all of the clothespins off with the crop and Mason screams through the ball-gag. In the next scene, Mason is naked on all fours crawling to Colby who sits at his throne, jerking his hard cock. Mason wants to suck his cock but Colby shoves his head down to his leather boots and makes Mason clean them with his tongue. Colby shoves his fingers inside Masons asshole while Mason licks his boots. After that, he shoves a metal hook up Masons ass with a rope attached to the end of it. He pulls on the rope and guides Mason to his cock. Colby fucks Masons face, shoving his entire cock down his throat. He

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