Getting a massage is an intimate experience. Because youre p

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Diego Alvaros
Michael Turner
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Getting a massage is an intimate experience. Because youre practically naked, it makes many feel vulnerable. For others, its a sensual and exciting experience, the closest thing to actual sex, and sometimes even better than just plain fucking. Think of it as foreplay. Its no different for Diego Alvaros and Michael Turner. Diego, a tall, dark-haired hottie, is always eager to work his magic on sexy twink like Michael. After getting his hands slippery with oil, Diego kneads and rubs the palms of his hands all over the adorable blond. But the exchange of energy proves to be too much for either of them. Soon, Diego strips down to a pair of sexy yellow lingerie boxers and Michael is completely naked. With Michaels body covered in oil, its easy for Diego to glide all over, and in and out of, any part of Michaels body... Like that sweet hole. After stroking the eager, now horny twink and getting sucked by him, Diego fingers Michael, stretching him open. And for the next part of his expert massage, Diego slides that huge uncut cock inside Michaels willing and inviting hole, bareback fucking him while massaging Michaels prostate with the head of his cock. Until that moment of magica

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