Homo Alone Part 2 Pizza Man Michael Delray Punishes Vander P

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Michael Del Ray
Vander Pulaski
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar

Its almost 2020 and Vander Pulaski cant wait to leave this year behind him. The Christmas robbery of his parents house and the memory of being at the mercy of two burglars is still fresh in his mind as he settles in for a quiet New Years Eve. He orders some pizza and decides to borrow some inspiration from his favorite movie in order to pay for it all. An hour later, pizza delivery man Michael DelRay arrives with a stack of pizzas. Pissed to find only a twenty dollar bill thrown at him, Michael gets ready to have a strongly worded conversation with whoever ordered these pies. But what happens next leaves Michael running for his life only to discover that Vander is pranking him. As Vander gets comfy, Michael sneaks up on him and wrestles him into submission. He ties Vander up and puts him over his knees for a good old fashioned spanking. Vander struggles, trying to scream for help around the metal spider gag in his mouth. But he cant get away from the pizza mans strong hands holding him in place and spanking his ass. Michael laughs as Vanders pathetic attempts to escape. He grabs a bottle from nearby and slides it into Vanders asshole. Vander cries out as the cold glass of th

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