Markus Kage Captured

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Markus Kage
Foot Fetish Pornstar Tickling

Markus Kage was taken from his construction site by Riley, who had been suspiciously hanging around for a few days. One day Markus opened his eyes and found himself on Rileys couch - all tied up. Riley is used to getting what he wants exactly when he wants it, and he was tired of waiting for Markus socks and feet. Riley walks in, takes off Markuss boots and fills his nostrils with Markus manly scent. Once the socks were off, Riley found that Markus has perfect size 12 feet. He licked and slurped on the big mans soles and toes. Riley knows when something is good, sometimes you just want to rub your cock on it. With two feet as gorgeous as Markus has, Riley fucked between those perfect feet until he shot a big, hot load all over the sexy captives feet. This story even has a happy ending for those who like such things...

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