Breeder Fuckers - scene 363

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BDSM Humiliation Punishment Straight Guys

Weve had enough of this straight bastard teasing us! If this cunt is going to be our new whore its time he finds out exactly what that means. Stark naked and flat on his back being fucked and voraciously used for all hes worth. Thats all hes good for. Dave tears his arse open with his big hard cock and slams into that virgin arse making Justyn cry out in agony. His balls slam against this sluts bum cheeks. All the while hes ordered to stare into the camera and describe whats happening to him. Verbalizing how hes being ravaged increases his humiliation and Justyn is made crushingly aware of whats happening to his body at every second. At the same time hes ordered to stroke Adrians cock prepping the next man who is going to use his arse. Dave and Adrian switch. While Adrian slides deep inside this straight whore Dave squats over his face. Justyn must keep his tongue out to slide up and lick another mans arsehole. This heteros face is now covered in all that masculine arse stink and ball sweat. All the while his arse is relentlessly screwed. Hes completely overwhelmed and humiliated as we gob in his face while ruining him!

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