Dmitry and Jamie

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Dmitry Osten
Jamie Kelvin
European Hardcore Pornstar Students

Two of our Top 10 models are paired together! Dmitry Osten is already floating in the pool when Jamie Kelvin walks in, sits down on the pools edge and dangles his feet in the water. Dmitry does his best to get Jamie in the water, but Jamie has other things in mind. He gets up and motions for Dmitry to follow him into the house. Dmitry walks in to find Jamie sitting on the sofa, still in his swimsuit. As he sits down beside Jamie the two immediately embrace before shoving their tongues down each others throats. The intense passion quickly lights up. Dmitry begins ravishing Jamie, dropping down to sniff and lick the growing bulge in Jamies swimsuit. Dmitry lays back and Jamie makes a beeline to Dmitrys boner-filled shorts. Jamie licks at the swimsuit a couple of times and then pulls them down revealing Dmitrys rock-hard uncut cock just begging for attention. Jamie gives Dimitry a blowjob that has Dmitry all fired up. He leans over and releases Jamies cock from his swimsuit and swallows down every single inch. Dmitry gets Jamies juices going and then has him get up on all fours. Dmitry gets down behind him, buries his face deep into Jamies asshole and then starts tongue-fuckin

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