Roque and Josh

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Josh Cavalin
Roque Rem
European Hardcore Pornstar Students

Latin stud Roque Rems lets himself in to find Josh Cavalin laying on the bed. With an apparent intent to devour each other, these two young studs passionately kiss each other as they rip off each others clothes. From the moment Josh and Roque get naked their cocks are rock hard and standing at full mast. After some mutual cock sucking Josh lays down face first on the bed with his ass in the air. Roque buries his face deep into Joshs ass, working his tongue just as far in as it will go. Once Josh is primed, Roque slowly but forcefully pushes his cock into Joshs ass. Roque goes to work pounding Joshs ass and Josh does his part keeping the rhythm going between the two of them. Josh finally pulls Roque around, lying him down on the bed. Josh mounts Roques cock and rides his dick with all the intensity he can muster. Roque finally puts Josh on his back, shoves his cock in and starts fucking his ass all over again. Josh grabs his cock and as Roque pounds, Josh blows his jizz all over his tight abs. Roque pulls out just before he cums and shoots a thick, creamy load all over Joshs balls and cock. The two of them look totally exhausted at the end, but there is a certain satisfied l

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