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I remember that I had a friend from India at the university.

It took me ages to go to my client today. Due to the horribl

It is Christmas Time and people have a different mood. It is

I met an interesting guy recently. He called me a few days b

This boy was a typical case of irresponsible spending. He lo

I love after Christmas time. Its because of presents. Needle

I had a bad feeling about this one from the beginning. The b

I will never get used to those communist buildings in the ou

My mission is not just to have fun with the boys. It might s

They day started as usual. I went through the mails and call

It was indeed a surprise for me to see that guys friend comi

Long time I havent seen such a nice apartment. Clean and wel

Some people call me a bit arrogant and thats maybe even true

His voice had a promising sound - young and cute. When he ca

I met already the most different kinds of people. But this o

The stupid stairs made me almost angry today. Why do the guy

Whenever I think that nothing can shock me anymore a new cli

Another applicant from outside Prague. He came the long way

The first guy who come in today was rather an IT guy. He loo

Today was unusually quiet. I almost started to worry that I

Foreigners from Eastern Europe often come to the Czech Repub

Another boy who traveled across the republic to finally get

A busy day at the office. I interviewed 14 people today, it

Two young cuties visited my agency today. My secretary showe

When this guy came in, I immediately noticed that he was not

I dont usually have engineers coming in my office. This one

Two young cuties visited my agency today. My secretary showe

It was a long day after I found the right one. He looked jus

My plan was to take my bike and go to the beach for a few ho

I started the hunt in front of a supermarket somewhere at th

I was in the mood today for a real guy. My friend tells me a

Soon summer will be over - I can feel it. But today was agai

My day didnt start too well. I spent the whole morning searc

Days are getting colder. Especially the evenings. A friend t

I have a feeble for skaters, for football-players and for sp

Today I started to hunt at a quite public square when it sud

Today it was already quite late when I started my hunt. Outs

A sunny day again. And I was expecting loads of nice boys ba

Breaking up with a partner is never easy. Todays little fell

Honza called me that a boy he met around Christmas last year

Half the day I was spending in front of a tennis-court. My i

It was not my most lucky day. When I finally thought that I

Perfect weather for the outdoor-pools in Prague. We really h

I was sitting in my car driving to a shopping center when I

What a heat. I almost couldnt sleep last night and in the mo

I never had a guy in bed like this. But let me start from th

Did you ever hear about a sport called parkour! Well, I have

Todays client wanted our meeting to take place in a restaura

I have already seen a lot since I started to work for my fri

I dont like cats so much. This guy even had two cats at home

Its me - Martin. After a small break I think its time to get

Actually the place wasnt so bad. Nice neighbourhood - small

It is always shocking for me to see how these young guys get

My young client today was quite desperate. When I asked him

So young and already in such a big trouble. When I visited t

When I woke up today I already felt much better. Had a summe

My client today insisted at meeting outside. The weather was

The first applicant today was a proper man indeed. Muscular

A security guard in a nightclub wouldnt be exactly my dream

Another vacancy for a shop assistant today. Two applicants a

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