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When asked on-camera about his first time, 19 year old Fabri

In the mood for Brazilian beef! Meet 23 year old Luigi: hung

If Part 1 left you wanting more, wait till you find out what

When In Ibiza, Part 1

Andre is 23. This hot Brazilian newcomer is attracted to mas

Jean Franko needs no introduction. His latin good looks, fur

French charm and Latin heat: we knew we couldnt go wrong wit

Smile: check and oh-so-contagious. Abs: check. Pecs: check.

Italian muscles and Latin heat. Matthias hails from Northern

Hung. Beefy. Ripped... We could go on and on about Tiagos st

Hes a fitness professional from Southern Italy... And you ca

Florenzo - XXX Castings

Bruno - XXX Castings

22 year old Giuseppe is a plumber. A REAL plumber, not just

Logan and Leo have broken off. Memories of their happy times

He was Mr. Gay Netherlands at 16. He became a fashion model.

Body perfect. Tall, athletic, impossibly handsome... just ab

Happy b-day, Jean Franko. Arguably the most successful porns

Hunky Leo Domenico in the title role will stop at nothing to

Hes a fitness instructor and it shows. Self-confident yet no

What ignites Brunos dreams! Darios huge cock! His mouth! His

A longtime TitanMen exclusive, Dario has set the blue screen

Bruno has star written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tirel

Victor is only 21, but he looks 28. Perhaps because hes marr

Have you ever lusted after your best friend! So has newcomer

Nicola and Gabriele are 18 years old. They barely caress eac

Ettore and Giuseppe play table football. Whats at stake! Who

Italian stud Daniele Montana wakes up --with a hard-on, of c

Paulo is 19. He has been a boxer for four years and wants to

A Lucas Kazan exclusive since October 2008, 25 year old Dani

Mark, 20, is one of the hunkiest, sexiest, most promising ca

Ripped, muscle-bound, strong... I cant find enough words to

Some people are just fun to be around. Yes, Alex is well-end

Giuseppe hass long deserved an outdoor shoot, but it was too

If you like ink, youll love Alexy Tyler. But theres so much

I like him a lot, Jean Franko wrote when I first e-mailed hi

I couldnt wait for my second casting trip to Romania. The fi

It took me two hours to get 23 year old Thiago comfortable b

I couldnt get Rick to sit down for a quick interview, hes on

I first ran into Kadu at The Week, Rios trendiest, most popu

Im a fetishist, says Luca. Im into high heels and feet and s

Italian newcomer Daniele Montana and Hungarian cutie Marc Di

Jean Franko neglects his chores at the farm and hides with a

You wont believe what two horny guys can do on around a trac

A porn star from France and a newcomer from Rome, a strong t

Sparks flew when Giuseppe and Ettore first met. I couldnt he

Meet 18 year old Andrea: tanned, uncut, thick black hair, de

The tattoo on his hip says it all: Sexy!. Meet 22 year old G

Thiago is 19. He says he likes both men and women. And whod

Watch award-winner Jean Franko and Italian newcomer Alessio

What goes on in most Italian nightclubs! Some patrons get bu

Italian newcomer Bruno Boni is a strapping lad from Florence

What a knockout! When you first meet Junior B, youre immedia

Leonardo is a 22 year old bricklayer with lush, full lips an

Giuseppe comes to America. Follow this 26 year old Hungarian

These muscle giants are the perfect match for each other: bo

100 percent Italian beef. No doubt Luigi is the epitome of t

Giorgios definition is a wonder: you can use those abs as a

I couldnt get Giuseppe to relax and smile a little --this ho

Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli need no introduction:

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