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Big bodybuilders are often challenged when they spot another

In case there were any doubts the first time around, LMS Sta

French big boy musclepup Laurent LeGros has some creative id

Great news, folks: The Buttmeister is back! For the uninitia

Back in all of his glorified hardbodied muscle flesh is he o

There s always something particularly appealing about short,

Smooth, chocolate-dark, supple skin, perfect symmetry, a rip

LMS Star Kevin Ramos calls himself the Fitness King , and we

From the Dynamite International vault comes a treasure never

If there s anything we love here at it s presenting n

For those who like their tasty musclemen decked out like Dad

A welcome variation on the adage No good deed goes unpunishe

Size matters ! so stand back, cause Eddie Camacho is back in

Is MuscleHunks exclusive model Rocco Martin anything less th

Newly arrived on LiveMuscleShow, muscleman Rico Cane was one

Beefy, pretty LMS muscleboy Kevin Conrad recalls his recent

As handsome as a classic movie star, yet rippled with deeply

The fabulously muscular young Ko Ryu is back and ready to sh

In his second appearance, hunky muscle dude

Luca Spattaro is a handsome, smooth operator, with the physi

An awesome front double biceps pose is the most impressive d

MuscleHunks third episode featuring the enormous muscles of

Tall, dark, and handsome - and built like a super hero - pow

Augusto Elia is an adventurer in every sense of the word. Yo

There are certain hunks you just don t get enough of. This c

MuscleHunks Discovery Macho Nacho is back! This time Nacho i

Brad Hatcher is a super-masculine competitive bodybuilder an

Handsome Rocco Martin returns to for Round 3, and thi

You thought that MuscleHunks Exclusive Enzo Pileri already h

Lucky us. We got to spend the night in a hotel with the tall

This is the very first appearance of LiveMuscleShow performe

Gordon Burke and Benjamin Jackson just happen to hit the gym

Hardcore beef fans: meet Champion Gil dela Cruz, a huge supe

If you ve ever wanted to be backstage at a muscle shoot - ju

Yet another MH delectable huge musclepuppy is the chiseled K

Kurt Beckmann returns to with a new collection of 9 a

Gordon Burke is our latest and greatest find! A frisky, wise

Dynamite fans may remember young muscleboy Jardel as he was

Benny s back, and this is one boy who took his workouts pret

New man Joey Lassiter is one of those guys with a quiet face

Lucius Blaque is Dynamite Studio s resident trouble making b

It s a JERKATHON that ll get you as steaming hot as the jung

We re guessing there s some boybeef biceps fans out there. Y

He s baaacckk! The sexiest trouble maker of them all, Macho

Now showing: 15 all-new HD video clips featuring big-dicked

F Sporting an even tighter physique than when we last saw hi

Not all musclemen are fierce, and hard, and brutal, and mean

Hairy, short tough guy powerhouse Adelio Senna is just the m

Fantasy Muscle Daddy Hans Hoffmann looks like a trucker, is

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we

Angel has the face of...well, an angel...and the ass of...we

Revenge ios sweet...especially if you re a pretty boy who ad

For those who think - and crave - young, we bring you newcum

Buttmeister Anton Buttone is back for a fourth shot, and thi

We think Brutus di Fino looks a little like....welll....Geor

You can tell at a glance that Manuel Melia s a happy-go-luck

Down and dirty Muscle-pup Bo Armstrong is our latest and gre

Michael Anthony is one handsome dude...and he s got one dirt

The hugely-dicked, hot-muscled Dynamite Classic star Carlos

Eastern European Junior Bodybuilding Champion Anatoly Demido

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