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Radek Ulba is down in the dungeon, enjoying a beer. He peers around to see if there is any action when Robin Tesarek approaches him and immediately begins kissing him. Radek responds to that by kissing Robins chest and then opening his jeans to release a rock hard cock. Radek eagerly takes the cock into his mouth and starts sucking on it. He licks Robins balls too and licks up and down the shaft of that stiff cock. His head fucks itself onto the rock hard dick and then Radek licks it some more, going down the the tight balls too. Robins hand pulls the head onto his dick as he enjoys the hot mouth enveloping it. Radek sucks well, keeping the cock so hard. He keeps working on the cock as Robin sits down. The dick stays rock hard as Radeks mouth sucks and licks it. Robin wants more though and soon has Radek naked with his ass pushed out. Robins big cock slides deep into the tight hole and starts to fuck hard. Robin grabs Radeks hips as he pounds his cock so hard into that tight hole. Radek moans as the big cock fucks him hard, opening his hole real good. The cock goes all the way in as Robin thrusts as hard as he can. He spanks on Radeks ass too, then he grabs his hair as well.

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